Puerto Vallarta

Last month we traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for Alex and Aline's wedding. The wedding day was spectacular - we had picture perfect weather, a beautiful ceremony, terrific music, delicious food and a night filled with dancing.
Mary and Dan enjoying a drink before the ceremony

View of the reception area

Alex and Mom before the ceremony
  The ceremony was incredibly sweet we heard about how Alex and Aline met for the first time and their personal vows were incredibly thoughtful and touching. Alex's friend Ivan translated the ceremony into English and Alex said his vows in English while Aline did hers in Spanish.

Alex and Aline Exchanging Vows
 After the bride and groom kissed in marched a 9 piece mariachi band! They were fantastic - incredible musicians.
Mariachi Band

The Newlyweds dancing to the Mariachi music

El Senor belting out a solo

Alex's New Family
Dan and Chris shooting the breeze

Audrey was happy to find some stray roses from the bouquet Aunt Nancy caught

Julian observing the wedding festivities
 The food at the wedding was outstanding we had appetizers of all variety, ceviche, a Costa Rican tangerine salad and fish as our main course. The desserts were apple pie or Mexican wedding cake - a corn cake.
Aline and Alex cutting the special Mexican corn wedding cake
 Alex and Aline kicked off the night of dancing by performing their choreographed barchata wedding dance - their instructor was at the wedding and he agreed that their dance was awesome!
Alex and Aline dancing their bachata dance 
The newlywed also ended the night of partying and dancing by taking a leap into the pool! Poor Nelson, Aline's brother, was pushed in as he was trying to get a photo of them - he had two smart phones ruined . . . all part of the show!
Nelson, Alex and Aline ended up in the pool
What an amazing day it was - Felicidades a Aline y Alex!


  1. Great story of a wonderful day. You captured the spirit.

  2. I hope someone got video of the choreographed dance! What a great idea.

  3. I hope so too: their dance was so "10 stars"!
    And then began the salsa dancing which brought up the energetic sexy dancers- still in high heels- that was great to see. Nelson recruited us watchers and led us in a simpler sympatico dance with lots of laughs and spins.
    The music went on until midnight: in my dreams I was able to dance like that!

  4. Incredible Photographs!! This wedding ceremony seems to be very romantic. The venue is also amazing. I wish I could also find such stunning venues in Chicago for my wedding ceremony. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing these photos here!


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