A Visit to Colorado

We just got home from a visit to Colorado to see Dan's family and some friends. We had a wonderful time in Longmont with Dan's Mom and also snuck away a few times to hang out with friends.

We met up with Alicia and Gavin in Golden. It was great to see them and meet Gavin!

Alicia and Gavin doing some climbing.

Gavin, Alicia and Dan at the park
 We also spent some time in Boulder - Dan met up with his old advisor for a coffee and chat then we met up with Adrienne and Dora for a hike and dinner in downtown Boulder.

Mary, Adrienne and Dora in the mountains
 We took a bunch of walks around Longmont with the dogs, Cody and Annie,

Mom, Dan, Cody and Annie at the Park
Other highlights included a trip in to Denver for a Rockies game with Dan's siblings and their families and a trip in to Denver to see Brian and go to the Modern Museum of Art followed by dinner with him and friends.

Lindsay and Noah at the ballpark - Go Rockies!


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