Mesa Verde

Last week on Monday packers came to our house in Springfield and packed up all our stuff, on Tuesday movers came and loaded all our stuff on a truck, on Wednesday we sold our house and got on the road and drove for over 15 hours until we arrived on Thursday in the wee hours to Dan and Erin's house in Durango for a visit - what a whirlwind! Thursday was Dan's birthday and we celebrated with a trip to Mesa Verde.

Spruce House
 We enjoyed going down into an ancient Kiva at Spruce House.

Dan climbing down into a Kiva
On our way to look at the amazing Cliff Palace ruins we found 8 dollars on the ground - our lucky day :-).

Cliff Palace
We explored the balcony house and had to do some pretty gnarly climbs up ladders and cliff faces to get in and out of the ruins. Luckily we had only adventures, no misadventures!

Balcony House

The Birthday Boy coming through a tunnel
After our guided tour we did an overlook trail hike where we ate our picnic lunch in the howling winds.

Scenic overlook at Soda Canyon
 We wrapped up the day back at the house and celebrated Dan's day with a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake.


  1. Happy belated birthday Dan! Looks like a fun start to your exciting new adventure :)

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  3. What a wonderful way to celebrate! The views from your lunch spot were amazing. No way you could get me into a kiva.

  4. Wow! Great pictures and stories of corn grinders and the climbs along the kivas!
    I sure am glad that i visited Dan back in 2008- more of my comfort zone.
    And... happy birthday, Dan. Can't go wrong with ice cream cake!


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