Pagosa Springs

Durango Dan arranged a weekend at a fancy vacation home on the San Juan River for us to meet up with the McGrundallnesses for a visit. We enjoyed a hike to Chimney Rock formation, an exploration of Treasure Falls and a trip to the Pagosa Springs Hot Springs in addition to lots of playing with the kiddos, fancy homemade potions courtesy of Ethan and terrific meals cooked by all involved!

Dan, Ethan, Dan, Chris and Julian enjoying the view

Scenic Overlook

Erin, Dan, Elliot and Ethan at Treasure Falls
 On our tour of Chimney Rock Ethan volunteered to grind corn using the tools that the Native Americans who lived in this area would have used.

Ethan grinding corn with the Mano and Metate

Flowering Cactus

Mary, Chris, Ellen and Ethan in front of Chimney Rock and Companion Rock

Treasure Falls

Chris and Julian ready for a hike

Dan and Audrey by some wildflowers


  1. Treasure Falls has the right name! Stunning. What a beautiful valley! How did Dan make himself so small is that picture with Audrey? I thought he was standing in a hole!


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