"Where the Streets Have no Name"

On Liz and Alex's last full day in Southern California we filled up water bottles with cold water, packed a picnic lunch and drove east on the I-10 to the desert. As we approached the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park we turned on U2's Joshua Tree album and admired the many funky trees that were beginning to crop up.

Rock piles at Joshua Tree National Park
 As we hiked through this awesome desert ecosystem we decided we needed to pick our favorite trees and pose beside them.

Mary chooses a funky favorite tree

Dan channels the energy of this tree
 Did you know that these trees can live to be thousands of years old and can grow as tall as 49 feet?!
Liz raising the roof

Alex and his spirit tree
There were lots of cool large rocks balanced precipitously on top of other boulders. We were sure not to get too close in case one got loose and tried to crush anyone.

Boulder Croppings

Liz at the Ryan Homestead


  1. An amazing looking place. Love the photos!

  2. thanks for taking us along to joshua tree - stunning!


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