Botanic Gardens

Last week Dan and I rode bikes up to the Ranch Santa Ana Botanic Garden for a special butterfly exhibit featuring music, drinks and access to the garden past normal business hours.

 We had a wonderful stroll through part of the 86 acre park. These gardens feature California native plants. We were lucky enough to happen upon the beautiful "Majestic Oak" that is over 250 years old.

Grand old Oak tree

We didn't take Annie with us on our adventure and it's probably a good thing we didn't as she might have taken off after a desert hare and ended up in a Cactus bush!

Desert Hare


  1. You guys live in an amazing spot, can't wait to visit one day x

  2. weren't you quiet and sneaky to catch that bunny picture?!
    I'm so glad you are taking advantage of this time to do so much getting acquainted! You' 'know it all' by the time we come out i october- can't wait!!
    love and smooches.


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