Into the Glacier

We had a few free days to explore Reykjavik  and on one of those days we went to the Saga Museum where we learned all about the Icelandic Sagas (and played dress up).
A Viking and Polar Bear Encounter

Just your average Icelandic Couple

Mary in front of the Icelandic Saga Museum
 As we were wandering along downtown we came across some creatures in the snow:
Snowman with his Snowdog

Adorable Downtown Reykjavik with Iceland's tallest Church, Hallgrimskirkja, in the distance 
 The next day we took a trip out into the countryside again where we WENT INSIDE A GLACIER!!!

Falls that we stopped at en route to the Glacier

This former UN Military Vehicle was our super Truck that took us out to the Glacier

 We put crampons on our boots and had a glacier tour guide who took us through the ice caves.

We even walked over a crevass on a rickety bridge!

A Crevass

Dan enjoys the Ice Throne in the Glacier
 A couple evenings that we were in Reykjavik we went to shows downtown in their performance Hall. We went to an Icelandic Comedy show called "How to Become Icelandic in 60 Minutes" which had some very funny observations about Icelandic traditions and sayings. We took one "thetta reddast" home with us. This means "It'll all work out in the end". Very "hakuna matata" of them! Another show that we enjoyed was the Pearls of Iceland show that had Icelandic songs, narrated in English and sung in Icelandic. The musicians were very talented and the songs were quite beautiful.

Harpa, the Beautiful Performance Hall
 One day we took an elevator to the top of Iceland's tallest church, Hallgrimskirkja.

 While we were queuing up to get on the elevator the organist was doing some rehearsing so we got to hear some lovely music as we passed the time.

Inside the Church

View from the Top

After a great trip to Iceland we headed off to another island . . . England . . .


  1. I appreciate your commentary. Fascinating country! I found the outside of the Church to be so severe yet the inside to be peaceful and uplifiting. I wonder if I would have been brave enough to go inside the glacier. Seems claustrophobic, but how can you not? Love the pics of taken there though. Loved your dress up inIcelandic costumes :)


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