Epic SoCal Weekend

Last weekend Dan and I really wanted to grab the Southern California life by the horns. So on Saturday morning we headed to the coast to Newport Beach to take a whale watching boat trip. We had a great time heading out into the Pacific and cruising along the coast. Watching whales? Not-so-much. But we did see lots of cute sea lions:

We also saw a dolphin and had a wonderful cruise along the coast of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.
Snow capped Mt Baldy in the distance
We also saw where Gilligan's Island was filmed. Who knew that all that time they were just stuck in the Newport Beach Harbor?!?!

Location where the Gilligan's Island crew was shipwrecked
 At the end of the ride we were given a coupon to come back again for only $7 - so we'll be going back for another cruise at the end of March with Dan McG and his crew and hope to see whales!

After our lovely boat cruise we took a quick drive to Costa Mesa where we made our way to the Noguchi Garden. A tucked away park among the skyscrapers that was designed by the famous Japanese-American landscape artist and sculptor, Isamu Noguchi.

We enjoyed a quiet picnic in the park before heading back to Claremont and an anxiously awaiting Annie Pup for a good long afternoon stroll in the Saturday sun.

Zen urban park

Annie enjoying a warm sunny afternoon in the backyard
On day 2 of our epic SoCal weekend we braved the crowds and met up with David, Gabrielle, Noah, and Owen at Disneyland!

Owen and Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan and Noah pretending to be scared by a tiger in the treehouse

A parade down Main Street in front of the Castle

It was a very California weekend and we enjoyed doing the "touristy" things :).


  1. pretending?? I can tell Dan really is scared by that tiger. I would want a coupon for a free ride if i did not see nay whales. it was a whale watchiing trip wasn't it??

  2. Living the life! February looks pretty nice out there.


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