Oh, hi Ojai and Santa Barbara!

Last weekend to kick off spring break we spent two nights at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn and Spa as part of CMC's trustee retreat. We were able to enjoy some nice pool time.

The water was great!

We borrowed bikes from the Inn and bike into adorable downtown Ojai where we strolled along the Main street and explored the shops before making our way back to the Inn.

Image result for downtown ojai
Downtown Ojai
Then on Saturday after lunch at the Inn we drove up the coast to Santa Barbara where we had rented a cozy studio through Airbnb. We walked through downtown and enjoyed a snack at c'est cheese before strolling along State street to reach the pier.

We watched the fisherman and a few sea lions while the sun set over the mountains. Then we strolled back towards town where we ate a delightful meal of truffle mushroom pizza at Olio Pizzeria - a restaurant that was recommended to us by a couple who lives in Santa Barbara.

The next morning we ate a delicious and hearty breakfast before strolling back to the beach where we attended the Santa Barbara Art Fair. It is an Art Fair that is every Sunday of the year and has been happening since 1965. We bought a couple pieces for the house and a pair of earrings for me :).

Santa Barbara Art Fair in the distance
Then we strolled back down State Street where we ran into our neighbors from Claremont who were also visiting Santa Barbara! They recommended we check out the County Courthouse, so we did.

Santa Barbara County Courthouse
 We climbed to the top of the clock tower where we had terrific views of the city.

Santa Barbara with the Mountains in the distance
 Our friends also recommended that we check out Goleta Beach Park where we walked along the coast enjoying the fresh salty air and the fog covering the beach.

Dan dipping his toes in

Dan found a tiny cave
We also visited two more Missions on our trip. They deserve their own blog post, so stay tuned for that :).


  1. Another great trip for you guys. You are really getting to see a lot of California. Wonderful.

  2. Some perks for the college professor's wife! How nice for you both!


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