May Visitor and Back to Joshua Tree

Earlier this month Peter was in town attending some presentations by students at Keck Graduate Institute here in Claremont. He came by the house and then we went out for our favorite Indian food and then gave him a tour of the Claremont Colleges.

Peter and I on the roof of Kravis at CMC
Then to celebrate classes being done we took a camping trip to Joshua Tree with our friends Zach and Jérôme. We had a great hike in the park up to an old abandoned gold mine

Abandoned Gold Mine
 We looked out over the great Salton Sea where we could see all the way down to Mexico.

Dan at the Overlook
 We also all found a spirit tree that we felt at one with.

Zach and his spirit tree

Dan finds a cool tree

Mary does yoga with her tree

Jérôme finds a tree he likes
 We had a fantastic campsite in Indian Cove and we enjoyed hanging out by the fire, talking, and make s'mores.
Our campsite
 There were lots of rocks to climb and Dan got busy climbing:
Dan climbing rocks


  1. One of these days- one of these days I will camp with you at JOSHUA TREE NP!

    (No that's not a threat!)


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