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Aloha, Christmas Vacation!

For Christmas this year Annie went to the Heavenly Pet Resort in Upland where she hung out with  pup buddies and the wonderful staff that takes such good care of her. Santa pups at the Heavenly Pet Resort Annie, on the Resort's Insta page While we were sad to say aloha to little orphan Annie Dan and I had an amazing vacation destination of our own to get to! On December 23 we flew to Kona, Hawai'i where we met up with my Dad and sister and her family. Kona, and our vacation, was a tropical paradise. Dan and I both successfully did zero work while away and we spent much more time watching sunsets and counting stars than we did worrying about what time it was. Christmas Eve dinner was inspired by David Baird's Cioppino (Italian fish stew). Ellen was the head chef and I her sous. Our stew included Alaskan King crab, scallops, mussels, and Hawai'ian white fish. It was outstanding! The children each made beautiful name plates for everyone at the table a

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