Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Addendum to dog-friendly spots in Ann Arbor

Recently I wrote a post about places in Ann Arbor that welcome doggies. I left a few off the list that deserve mention. Iggy, a rescue dog, is master of the house at Serendipity Salon on S. Ashley St. Renay adopted Iggy from near certain death and now Iggy enjoys the high life trotting around the salon and having other pups over to play with him. Last time I was in to get my hair done Annie accompanied and happily spent her time running around the salon chasing Iggy and stealing his toys. A great day to be a dog.

Iggy Pup, Annie's littler mate, is often treated to a trip to Copernicus, a Polish market and deli in the South Main Market. Iggy has learned Polish from Voychek and the Polish ladies who work in Copernicus always dote on little Iggy and give him bits of meat from the deli as a treat. Annie has not yet been over to Copernicus but is anxious to go there soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Trip to the Diag

My parents and I recently went to a wonderful piano concert featuring Bright Sheng in the UMMA apse. My god-daughter, Maya, Anne and Zully joined us for part of the performance. Afterwards we went to the Diag where we met Dan and Annie. Maya and Annie were both thrilled by the squirrels running wild in the Diag. Annie was a little shy around Maya - she's still a bit weird around children.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A birthday party

Annie was recently invited to a birthday party in Tecumseh, Michigan. Samantha, a german shepherd mix, and Annie met for the first time and they got along swimmingly. Samantha lives out in the woods along the River Raisin - she and Annie had quite a nice time tromping along the river.
Maybe next time Annie is there for a visit she can have a swim! It was rumored that Schrodinger (aka Schrody), the resident feline companin, was somewhere in the house but Annie got nowhere near her . . . probably for the best!