Sunday, December 20, 2015

Claremont Home Tour

New Phaleonopsis Orchid from my coworkers

Dining table - expecting visitors for dinner . . .

Christmas tree in the front window

Egg Nog Cups

Annie enjoying the guest bedroom 
Guest room

Stockings are hung by the TV with care . . .

Living Room

The Den, aka "Annie's Room"


The Bar

Clementine Tree


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Celebrating a Life Well Lived

Dad and Mom, September 2015

Jenn & Mary getting out some aggression

Dan, lil Annie and Mary before the Service

Mary and Becky

Audrey and Aunt Wini pratice Gloria, in excelsius deio while at the Nail Salon

Erin, Daddoo and Mary

Thanksgiving in Colorado

"Roar" says the dinosaur ("Ow" says Lindsay after being bonnked in the head by cousin Noah)

Ade & Mary watch the Michigan - OSU game together in Longmont

Dan and Mom in front of the Christmas tree

Angie, Lindsay, Shane and Dan after playing Moose in the House

Hiking Mt. Baldy

Mary at the Mt. Baldy Lodge at the top of the Chairlift (no skiing yet out here)

Sun beginning to set over the mountains, valley and ocean in the distance . . . ah . . . California dreamin'