Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Dilemmas

It is Halloween Eve and Annie is trying to decide her costume; she has two options (she loves them both!)

Annie trying on her Piglet Costume

Annie as a Penguin
As you can see from the photos she is equally adorable in each so it will definitely be a difficult decision. Tomorrow we have a busy day. We are competing in Drury's Chili Cook-off - Dan made his signature vegetarian chili and I made 2 1/2 dozen pumpkin sugar cookies.

Dan  helped by icing all the Pumpkin Stems
After work we'll head home and pass out candy to all the ghosts and goblins (hopefully they enjoy our pumpkins as much as we enjoyed carving them). Then after the trick'r'treating is over we'll head over to Ray and Kerry's house to celebrate Ray's birthday - happy birthday Ray!

An owl, raccoon and squirrel
 As I was pulling into the driveway after work on Tuesday night I scared off a little squirrel who was nibbling on the gourd carved in his honor - too funny!

The autumn colors are at peak down here and in full glory in our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Trees

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yarn Bombing

Last weekend the Sun Target Sculpture at the Springfield Art Museum was Yarn Bombed! We walked Annie down there after work to check it out.

Dan and Annie in front of the Sculpture pre-yarn bombing

Yarn Bombed Sculpture

Keep Calm and Yarn Bomb

Annie approves of the Yarn Bombing


Monday, October 21, 2013

Making Dreams Come True

This past week Annie had a special visitor: Dan McGuinness! When Dan arrived Annie was simultaneously barking at him trying to intimidate him and then trying to jump in his lap for him to pet her. She can be a very confused dog sometimes.

Dan and Annie getting Reacquainted
One of Dan's dreams is to attend a soccer game in each of the MLS soccer stadiums. So he timed his visit with a Sporting KC soccer game. We drove up to Kansas City Friday night after work and cheered on as Sporting KC beat DC United 1-0. One of our favorite cheers was "Barbeque, Barbeque, Barbeque, Na Na Na, Barbeque, Barbeque, Barbeque, We're gonna score more goals than you". Other clever songs included teasing the DC United players and reminding them that they were not starters.

The Professor and the Counselor at Sporting KC Park
 On Saturday morning we drove down to Branson where we watched as some propeller powered parachutes fly around. There was a bit of a mishap as the one pictured below landed. It landed too close to another contraption was getting ready to take off and their parachute after it got deflated got sucked into the propeller of the other machine ripping up the $2,000 parachute and dinging up the propeller in the process.

We passed on a Ride in these Contraptions
 After the hot air balloon festival fun we continued to head South into Arkansas where we visited Cosmic Caverns. We were treated to an entertaining cave walking tour and even spotted a blind salamander that is native to the cave.

Cave Formations

Mary and Dan posing with a Stalagmite
(Yes they said we could touch this one)
 On Sunday we ventured off to the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll gardens where we all got our Zen on.

The Counselor and the Professor getting their Zen on

Dan contemplates life as he peers into the reflecting pool

Japanese Maple in Autumnal Glory
We had a wonderful visit and were so glad Dan came to visit!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Punkin Pickin

Yesterday we met up with friends at the pumpkin patch and picked out some beauties to bring home with us.
Kerry, Ray and Avery contemplating a ginormous pumpkin
 We picked out three perfect pumpkins to bring home and carve. We have a special visitor, Dan McG, coming next weekend so we chose three so we'll each have one to decorate.
Dan showing off our three pumpkins

I didn't even attempt to lift this one!

Mary, Kerry, Olive and Elaine outside the pumpkin patch
 In addition to pumpkin picking we toured the barn, Dan ate a fried snickers bar (delicious) and we adored the baby animals. After that we watched the Michigan - Penn State game drank pumpkin beer and ate pumpkin pie (my grandma's not-so secret recipe). A fun filled pumpkin-y day :-)