Saturday, November 29, 2014


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in Springfield. We were invited over to the Patton-Allans where we joined their family and friends for a delicious feast.
Elaine, Justin and Jack

Ray hard at work carving the bird
 Ray's brother, sister-in law and nephew joined us from Athens, Georgia. Kerry's parents came from Georgia and Ray's parents arrived from California.
Baby Wendell visiting from Georgia

Dan and Mary ready to enjoy the feast

Avery playing with his police car
 On Friday Dan, Annie and I drove down to Roaring River State Park where we went for a long hike along the river and then up through the woods. After our hike we drove to Noel where we dropped off our Christmas cards with a volunteer at the post office who stamps them with the Noel Christmas stamps.
Annie and Dan taking a lunch break on our hike

Annie found lots of good sticks in the woods
This year we are thankful for our terrific friends and family and our wonderful dog :-).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tree Lighting on the Square

Last weekend we went downtown and met up with some friends for the lighting of the town square Christmas tree. There was an all-tuba band playing Christmas songs and there were free horse-drawn carriage rides. The lighting of the tree did not go off without a hitch though. The person in charge of flipping the switch prematurely turned on the lights before they did the little countdown so the mayor was giving some remarks and then in the middle of his little talk the lights went on - oops! They did a quick countdown for the kids anyway.
Mary and Dan in front of the Christmas Tree
 After the lighting ceremony we watched "Birdman" an interesting movie that got mixed reviews from the Livesay household.

As it's starting to get colder here Annie has been bundling up:
Annie is bundling up for the cold weather
Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Fall, Y'all

We've been enjoying a beautiful fall here in the Ozarks and have been busy with some autumnal adventures, such as apple picking, pumpkin carving and leaf-admiring :-).

Dan's Long Reach ensured we got the best Apples

Mary picks a beautiful apple for our pie

Dan loves carving pumpkins

Mary's scary Dracula Pumpkin

Pumpkin Sugar cookies for the Theatre students

Dan and Annie in the fall glory

Mary and Annie enjoying the foliage