Friday, August 12, 2016

More Cuba

Dan tries to avoid getting hit by canon fire

The Hotel Nacional where Dan's conference took place

Inside Cathedral of Havana San Cristobal in Old Havana


Funny statue in one of the squares in Old Havana

Mary in Old Havana

Aerial view of the city

This dog apparently had a prescription and a mini hat to keep the sun out of his eyes

Mary catching a ride in a convertible :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


In the beginning of June Dan and I went to Havana, Cuba for a week - he was presenting at the Caribbean Historians Conference and I tagged along as his guest. The trip was a blast - the food was excellent, the music was wonderful, the people were super friendly and seemed to understand our halting Spanish. Below are some of our photos.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Quick Campus Tour

Dan and I both work on beautiful college campuses. His office is in the Kravis Center, a building designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, which features a space called the Living Room (aka "Kube) which floats on a Mesabi black granite reflecting pool which creates a moat-like effect seen below. 

The Kravis Center

View of the mountains to the South from the top of the Kravis Center

View of Mt. Baldy and the San Gabriel mountains to the North from the top floor of the Kravis Center

Mt. Baldy topped with snow in January
Scripps College where I work was founded in 1926 and the campus is breathtaking. The photos below are only a few snapped on my walk to work and don't truly capture all the beauty of the college. The architecture style is the Mediterranean style popular in Southern California in the 1920s and 30s.

Scripps College

Pretty flowers in bloom in December

Honnold Gateway at Scripps College

Steele Building where Mary works
A little news from Annie - she is surviving this "cold" California winter by doing a lot of cuddling on blankets in between my or Dan's legs for added warmth . . .

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter in Michigan

On New Year's Day I convinced Dan that a hike in the blustery cold to Lake Michigan and along the beach was a terrific idea. The weather and views did not disappoint . . .

We tested the waters - not too, too cold!

Yes, that's snow on the beach - don't see that in SoCal!
 After we arrived back in Ann Arbor from Saugatuck we visited fed Dad lunch then took a drive to Tecumseh for a visit with old friends.

Camera shy spitfire

Sissy & Doggie cuddles 

Sam, an old friend of ours (and Annie's) was happy to see us again (the feeling was mutual as Annie withdrawal is running rampant in our ranks).

Dan gets in some good cuddles with our old pal Samantha
 The highlight of the evening was reconnecting with these lovebirds:

Friday, January 1, 2016

Wintertime with Friends

 After a fantastic couple of nights at the Bells enjoying a terrific Christmas dinner, games, sauna time, gnip-gnop games, and a delightful Boxing Day dinner we headed to La Porte to visit with Aunt Patty, Uncle Craig, and James. After a brief hello to them Dan and I got back in the car and jetted over to South Bend where I reunited with my West Quad, Chicago House roomies, Anne and Kathy.

Mary, Anne, and Kathy - roommates reunited after far too long . . .
After a treacherous drive through an ice storm the next morning we arrived safely back in Ann Arbor. Dan took advantage of the horrible raining weather to plan a romantic date night out on the town. We first went to Prickly Pear followed by Conor O'Neills; the locations of our first date. He even indulged my sweet tooth when I suggested we cap it all off with a trip to La Dolce Vita for dessert.

Dan and Mary in Conor's
 The next day the rain cleared and we met up with Beck at the Jolly Pumpkin to catch up then we went out to a new place in Ypsi where they were hosting the Mitten Fest; a music festival for Michigan area bands.

Mary and Becky at the Jolly Pumpkin
To celebrate New Years in style we decided we'd need to call in the ultimate party people; Liz and Alex! They picked us up in Ann Arbor and we continued West on 94 until we reached beautiful Saugatuck Michigan.

Mary, Liz, Alex, and Dan after a great meal at Phil's
On New Year's Eve Dan indulged my need for lighthouse sightings by driving us to the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland. As we were walking closer to the lighthouse another couple pulled up - they were not there for a photo opportunity though, they were there for a polar bear dip in Lake Michigan! Brrr  . . .

Dan and Mary in front of the Big Red Lighthouse on Lake Michigan
Feeling like we hadn't quite gotten our fill of the crisp winter air Dan and I ventured out on a hike up 302 steps to the top of Mt. Baldhead! The views of Lake Michigan, Kalamazoo River, and the dunes were spectacular!

The Kalamazoo River

Lake Michigan
 Arriving back at our house in the woods we quickly negated the effects of the cold by dipping in the outdoor hot tub then asking Liz to build us a fire in the living room.
Dan and Alex checking to make sure the fireplace flue's open
Happy 2016 dear readers!

Christmas with Family

Uncle Bill and Cousin Dylan 
The Bell Christmas Tree

Aunt Nancy pouring boysenberry Kir Royales

Dylan, Audrey, and Dad

Cousin Time

Aunt Colleen and Uncle Tom

Emily setting the table

Carving tukey and making gravy

Christmas Dinner

Kiddie Cousin Table

Aunt Debbie, Audrey, Mary, and Aunt Jill