Winter in Michigan

On New Year's Day I convinced Dan that a hike in the blustery cold to Lake Michigan and along the beach was a terrific idea. The weather and views did not disappoint . . .

We tested the waters - not too, too cold!

Yes, that's snow on the beach - don't see that in SoCal!
 After we arrived back in Ann Arbor from Saugatuck we visited fed Dad lunch then took a drive to Tecumseh for a visit with old friends.

Camera shy spitfire

Sissy & Doggie cuddles 

Sam, an old friend of ours (and Annie's) was happy to see us again (the feeling was mutual as Annie withdrawal is running rampant in our ranks).

Dan gets in some good cuddles with our old pal Samantha
 The highlight of the evening was reconnecting with these lovebirds:


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