Wintertime with Friends

 After a fantastic couple of nights at the Bells enjoying a terrific Christmas dinner, games, sauna time, gnip-gnop games, and a delightful Boxing Day dinner we headed to La Porte to visit with Aunt Patty, Uncle Craig, and James. After a brief hello to them Dan and I got back in the car and jetted over to South Bend where I reunited with my West Quad, Chicago House roomies, Anne and Kathy.

Mary, Anne, and Kathy - roommates reunited after far too long . . .
After a treacherous drive through an ice storm the next morning we arrived safely back in Ann Arbor. Dan took advantage of the horrible raining weather to plan a romantic date night out on the town. We first went to Prickly Pear followed by Conor O'Neills; the locations of our first date. He even indulged my sweet tooth when I suggested we cap it all off with a trip to La Dolce Vita for dessert.

Dan and Mary in Conor's
 The next day the rain cleared and we met up with Beck at the Jolly Pumpkin to catch up then we went out to a new place in Ypsi where they were hosting the Mitten Fest; a music festival for Michigan area bands.

Mary and Becky at the Jolly Pumpkin
To celebrate New Years in style we decided we'd need to call in the ultimate party people; Liz and Alex! They picked us up in Ann Arbor and we continued West on 94 until we reached beautiful Saugatuck Michigan.

Mary, Liz, Alex, and Dan after a great meal at Phil's
On New Year's Eve Dan indulged my need for lighthouse sightings by driving us to the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland. As we were walking closer to the lighthouse another couple pulled up - they were not there for a photo opportunity though, they were there for a polar bear dip in Lake Michigan! Brrr  . . .

Dan and Mary in front of the Big Red Lighthouse on Lake Michigan
Feeling like we hadn't quite gotten our fill of the crisp winter air Dan and I ventured out on a hike up 302 steps to the top of Mt. Baldhead! The views of Lake Michigan, Kalamazoo River, and the dunes were spectacular!

The Kalamazoo River

Lake Michigan
 Arriving back at our house in the woods we quickly negated the effects of the cold by dipping in the outdoor hot tub then asking Liz to build us a fire in the living room.
Dan and Alex checking to make sure the fireplace flue's open
Happy 2016 dear readers!


  1. Ok Mary, I nominate YOU as "Most like your Mother" for knowing how to have fun and how to connect with people! It is a great gift. So glad you had this wonderful visit home, and that we got to be a little part of it. And thank you to Dan, for his great winter driving. Love, P

  2. <3 Happy New Year, beautiful!

  3. What a trip! Great photos of you both :)


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