Writer's Block

Annie has had a severe case of writer's block. As you can see from this photo, it's not for lack of trying. She sits in front of her iMac . . . thinking . . . typing . . . erasing . . . Annie claims she's been busy. Something about her master receiving his PhD, staying out of her masters way as they prepare their condo to be put on sale, vacations, BBQs. "Excuses, excuses" I tell her.

What's my excuse? About the same as Annie's excuses. Dan celebrated his graduation in May with a visit from his siblings, Angie & David, President Barack Obama, and Gabrielle. We now have our condo on the market after cleaning, organizing and many donations to the Salvation Army. Last week we vacationed up North at the Kelly Family Reunion. We also enjoyed a long weekend to visit our future hometown, Williamsburg, in June. In fairness to Annie
I've also posted a photo of Annie and me collaboratively trying to write something. Dear readers, the writer's block hit The Livesay household hard and we apologize profusely to those of you who have been checking here on a daily basis for your Annie fix ;-).


  1. Annie seems to be kind of a "hunt and peck" artist. Perhaps you could inspire her with a modest investment in Mavis Beacon...or even a free download: http://download.cnet.com/Mavis-Beacon-Teaches-Typing-17-Deluxe/3000-2051_4-10441764.html. Just think about it.


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