Virginia Beach

This weekend Dan, Annie and I took a drive down to Virginia Beach where we visited the First Landing State Park. This is the location where members of the Virginia Company landed before sailing up the James River to settle at Jamestown. First Dan, Annie and I went to the beach to check out the waves and the ocean
Where members of Virginia Company first landed
Annie loves the smell of the salt water in the air and loves sniffing the beach for signs of crabs (dead or alive). The ocean was pretty calm when we were there - we are hoping to go back this summer for an adventure of kayaking with the migrating dolphins (sadly no dogs allowed on that trip).
Dan and Annie enjoying the beach
After enjoying the ocean and a walk along the shore we headed in to hike along the trails of the park. We went for a four mile hike through cypress groves and the woods.
Cypress Groves

Annie spotted a couple diamondback terrapins in one of the lagoons - luckily she was on her leash and couldn't jump in to cavort with the turtles! Dan and I enjoyed a yummy picnic of quinoa and roasted beets along with baguette and carrot-lentil spread (courtesy of the Kelly Cookbook online) while Annie enjoyed a few dog biscuits for good behavior.
Turtle in the lagoon
On the way home as we were driving over the bridge from Norfolk we even spotted a bald eagle diving in the water trying to find some food! It was such an exciting trip that Annie napped the rest of the day . . .


  1. Looks like so much fun out there on the coast! Lucky dogs...I like that kayak adventure too. Sounds great.

  2. (whoops - I think I just 'subscribed' to the carrot and lentil feed!! That's what I get for trying to be up to date!) WEll at least I'll know when someone ELSE comments on that recipe!)

  3. That sounds pretty rad. It looks like a trip with the three B's(refer to hard ticket to hawaii for explanation). Miss you two...three I mean.

  4. Ha ha, almost forgot about that awesome movie! Miss you too!


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