Our Second and Third Mission visits

Since visiting our first California mission in February we visited two more last weekend. First we visited the beautiful Mission Santa Barbara.

Mary in front of the Mission Santa Barbara
Where we again ran into Junipero Serra. The light in the photo I caught of him and really makes him look quite holy.

Junipero Serra
Dan posed with a headless Friar Thumper. We're not really sure why his head was missing . . .

Dan and Friar Thumper
We toured the beautiful grounds, the museum, and the chapel.

On our way back to Claremont we stopped in Ventura to visit the Mission San Buenaventura. It was close to closing time so we just popped in for a quick visit.

Mary in front of Mission San Buenaventura
Again we saw Junipo Serra.

Junipo Serra

Beautiful Fountain in the Garden
Three missions down and 18 to go!


  1. Nice how these missions are still in existence. Quality construction? Built in non-earthquake zones? Divine providence?

  2. I think Dan is suppose to replace the monks head with his own. we want to see what he would look like as a monk

  3. Fun idea to see all the missions! I've been to Mission San Juan Capistrano - beautiful.


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