Cunadita visits Claremont!

After our visit to San Diego we told Annie that her Auntie Aline would be coming to Claremont for a visit! Annie was so excited that she climbed this sculpture and asked to be photographed (she's looking exceptionally pretty as she just got her summer cut from Dan).

Annie climbs the Art at the Pomona College Museum of Art
Aline arrived to LAX in the morning and Dan and Annie drove to pick her up. After I got off work at 3 we met up at the Scripps campus and I gave them a tour of the campus (which is on the National Register of Historic Places). I took her to the rose garden, graffiti wall, down Tulip Lane, through Seal Court, Sycamore Courtyard, and Eucalyptus Courtyard and we stopped in the Margaret Fowler Memorial Garden to admire the murals, fountains, and plants. This European style cloister garden is a stunning part of campus. A chapel was never built on campus though, so it is a secret garden rather than a cloister garden.

The below mural is by the Mexican artist Alfredo Ramos Martinez, often considered the "Father of Mexican Modernism". The Flower Vendors is 100 feet long and unfinished as Alfredo sadly passed away unexpectedly during his work on the piece.

Aline, Annie, and Mary enjoying the Art
 For dinner Dan cooked up some chayote, vegetable enchiladas with tomatillo sauce (per Alex's suggestion) and we capped off the meal with Aline's favorite dessert: Tres Leches cake to celebrate her birthday!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

Aline blowing out her candles
After dinner Annie suggested a stroll to Pomona College where we could check out the sky space art exhibit. We all enjoyed watching the changing night sky in the space.

The next morning (Aline's birthday) I dropped Aline at the Greyhound station where she took a bus to San Diego to meet her sister and head to Tijuana to visit with family! Thanks for visiting Aline!


  1. Annie is such a ham! Looks like she was not dissapointed with Aline's visit. Did she get to try any of the tres leches cake?

  2. I love Annie. I love also staying with you. You two are the kindest and lovely couple. Love you. Aline.

  3. Glad Aline had such a Happy Birthday with you!


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