Thanksgiving Weekend Battlefields

Dan and I spent a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with friends followed by a fantastic pie party with more friends. We were sitting fat and happy Thanksgiving evening with leftovers in the fridge (including slices of pumpkin, pecan, pear and apple pies). Wowzer! How could we possibly make it up to Annie that she wasn't invited along to these feasts?!?!

We asked Annie how she'd like to spend the rest of the long Thanksgiving weekend and she suggested a trip to Fredericksburg to visit with good friends, the Firsts, and tour the battlefield. Additionally she suggested a walk through the Yorktown battlefield. Sadly we forgot to bring our camera to Fredericksburg so we only captured photos in Yorktown.
Dan and Annie in front of cannon
Annie and Dan at British redoubt 9

Mary and Annie with Chesapeake Bay in background

Yorktown Victory Monument


  1. It was too short but so nice to see you all!


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