Annie's First Vacation

Annie is on vacation right now. She's in Miami! Miami of Ohio, that is. We're visiting friends, the Firsts, who are professors at the University of Miami.

Allison, Dan, Annie, and I arrived on Friday afternoon and Annie quickly ran around the house sniffing about and trying (unsuccessfully) to play with Tom and Midnight, the First cats. Starting on Friday night it rained cats and dogs all weekend long. Annie had previously experienced snow and ice in her little doggie life but this was her first encounter with rain . . . she was not fond of that “wet dog” smell. The plus side to all the rain for Annie was that it softened her furry coat.

Her Saturday consisted of chasing Samuel, making Samuel cry (by chasing him), chasing the cats, and making the cats hiss (by chasing them). Annie was included in the Wii action when Sara created a doggie mii profile for her. Annie weighed in at 13 lbs but then wasn’t actually allowed to play the video game. Instead she had to entertain herself attacking feathered cat toys to no end.

On Sunday we went to the Hueston State Park and Nature Center. The Nature Center had a 210 lb cougar, Cougie, who had been rescued from a man in Ohio who was keeping him as an exotic pet. Cougie had been declawed by its owner so he couldn’t be released into the wild. Cougie had a pretty sweet set up and when we walked by his massive den he was taking shelter in his wooden house. Annie wasn’t interested in this large cat but she was very keen on the birds of prey and the owls that were being rehabilitated. She was quite curious when she heard her master crowing “whoo whoo” at the great horned owls, but alas our feathered friends did not respond to Dan’s calls.

Annie behaved quite nicely during the four hour road trip. She alternated between sitting on Allison’s lap in the front seat watching the road go by, napping in Allison’s lap, and dozing off in her den in the backseat.

Annie loved Oxford and was supremely thankful to her gracious hosts; Josh, Sara and Samuel!


  1. Nice. I saw this in my reader at first so didn't realize there were pictures. What a bunch of cuties!


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