Dan and I just got back from beautiful Curacao in the Caribbean. Our hotel was centrally located on the outskirts of Rif Fort in Willemstad. Dan was attending the Association of Caribbean Historians Conference while I was enjoying the beautiful island. What did I do while Dan was attending his meeting? On a typical day I would start the day lounging at the hotel's luxurious salt water infinity pool.
Where Mary could be found lounging
Sailboat in the ocean

Then I would leave the hotel and venture through historic Rif Fort (which has been turned into a tourist trap of bars, restaurants, shops and ice cream stores). After a quick walk over the pedestrian foot bridge I'd make my way to downtown Willemstad. Curacao was a colorful island not only downtown but all over the island buildings were vividly painted.
Rif Fort

Bright beautiful Willemstad from the floating footbridge
In Willemstad I did lots of exploring which I will detail in my next post. For dinners we enjoyed tropical drinks and lots of seafood. For lunch Dan snuck away one day with me to hunt down Willemstad's highly recommended lunch markets. We shared a delicious creole dish featuring plantains, saltfish, rice & beans and a coconut soda to wash it all down.
Yes there's blue Curacao in that drink!

Dan enjoying a scrumptious lunch

The people of Curacao are amazing - not only are they fluent in four(!) languages (English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu) they are also incredibly nice. Highlights of the trip include a trip into the island to learn the history of the 1795 slave rebellion, a day at the beach, touring Curacao's slavery museum and of course the annual conference fete! More to come . . .


  1. Mary - how WONDERFUL!!! Must be nice, married to a 'Caribean historian' --- good job Dan. Wow. Great trip for you Mary, dry boring trip for Dan, tho, right (LOL).

  2. Are those two pictures of the pool?? I've never seen an infinity pool in real life so please excuse my ignorance! Pool or ocean it is gorgeous and I am jealous ;)

  3. Yes the top two pictures are of the infinity pool! Isn't it gorgeous?!?

  4. Yes, good choice, Dan to be a 'Caribbean Historian!' Much better than a 'Rust Belt Historian.' Curacao looks so beautiful.

  5. I like bright beautiful Mary in front of bright beautiful W'mstadt!


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