Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Williamsburg. We were dog-sitting for my boss so Annie had the distinct pleasure of having a playmate 24-7! She and Obi, a shih tzu, had a grand time chasing each other around the house in circles and going on walks together:

Although Annie and Obi got along swimmingly we think that Annie was secretly glad when Obi left so that she would no longer have to share our affections or attention with another dog.

Things are good in our neighborhood, but there have been complaints about partying and even a recent article in the Virginia Gazette about the "trouble on Indian Springs". Don't worry; we don't live at 117 Indian Springs Road mentioned in the article so we weren't (directly) fingered in the partying complaints. Although I wonder what the neighbors would say if they saw Annie's most recent celebrations while strolling through the 'hood.


  1. Hey where are the Caracoa pics you promised us?! ( no offense Annie and Pbi)

  2. Good thing you are leaving that rowdy neighborhood!! Whew.


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