Friends and Family

On Sunday Dan and I drove down to meet up with some of Dan's high-school (and college) buddies in Golden, Colorado. It was fun seeing Alicia (who is 7 months pregnant), Brian and Forbes.

Brian and Dan
Forbes and Alicia at their house in Golden
 Today Angie arranged a Livesay family portrait by a local photographer. After lots of smiling and posing at her home studio we headed back to Sonja's house for lasagna, salad, bread and my Aunt Mary's eclair ring.

Chocolate Eclair Ring for dessert
 Our niece and nephew, Lindsay and Noah, had a ball opening gifts and playing together. They are so great to be around! We love them both so much.
Noah opening a gift

Lindsay enjoying a new present
 Dan got an awesome sock monkey hat from his Mom along with a mitten that has an ice scraper attached to it - brilliant!
Love this guy!
 Sonja is a huge Broncos fan and was very happy to receive a Broncos hoodie from David and Gabrielle.

Mom and David
Present Opening Excitement


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