Giving Thanks

This year for Thanksgiving we stayed in Springfield. For the second year in a row Elaine and I ran in the Turkey Trot. There were over 9,000 runners (not including the dogs and babies in strollers). The weather was sunny and brisk and we had a fun time running the streets of Springfield.

Elaine and Mary all smiles post-race
After the race we each went home to get cleaned up and do some serious Thanksgiving cooking. Dan and I went over to the Leinaweavers for a feast! We had five fantastic side items in addition to a beautifully done turkey and two delicious pies.

Mary and Elaine ready for the Feast

Justin pulling the piece de resistance out of the oven

After dinner Justin and Elaine introduced us to a card game called Chicago that Justin's family has been playing for years. It was a close game that came down to the last hand.

Elaine and Justin, our Chicago winner and loser, respectively
We left with full bellies and lots of leftovers.

On Friday we took Annie on a road trip to mail off our Christmas cards at the Noel, MO post office. Noel is in the Southwest corner of Missouri and is known for its rivers. Annie enjoyed a small walk along the river banks.

Annie along the banks of the Elk River
On Saturday we pulled out all the Christmas decorations, picked out a fragrant Fraser fir and decorated the Christmas tree. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving; we have so much to be grateful for, most of all our wonderful friends and family.


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