Surer Signs of Spring

Here in Springfield St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big deal; there is a St. Patrick's Day 5k (in which a friend and I are running), there's a pet-contest and parade through downtown, there's a pub crawl and of course there are St. Patrick's Day decorations throughout our neighborhood. With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner surely spring must be on its way?

These festive leprechauns adorn a porch we walk past

This gorgeous flag flies proudly at our neighbor's house
Still not convinced? Well perhaps the abundance of crocuses sprouting up are the true barometer of spring:

Annie in front of a field of purple crocuses

Gorgeous delicate little flowers
 Perhaps you remember the yarn-bombing that we encountered last fall? Well, it's happened again! This time the mischievous knitters attacked a bench outside Homegrown Foods, our neighborhood grocery store.

Most Adorable yarn-bombing I've ever seen
Earlier this week we attended a baby shower at Drury for Elaine and Justin. Elaine is due in Mid-May. For the shower I made rubber ducky sugar cookies. There were a few leftover cookies so put a couple of them in a ziploc baggie to take to neighbors who are expecting their first child tomorrow.

Kerry, Elaine and Mary at the Baby Shower

Rubber Duckies (a shamrock for Irish Elaine)
Annie had other ideas for the leftover sugar cookies. I had naively left the cookies on the coffee table thinking that they'd be undisturbed as they were in ziploc baggies. Nope. When Dan got out of his shower this morning he found a devious Annie had devoured the first cookie and was starting to nibble her way in on the second!


  1. You make SUCH pretty cookies! What is your secret? (Patience, maybe? artistic talent, of course) Can't believe you have crocuses. We have 6 inches snow!

  2. Annie is such a dainty eater - she probably had a difficult time eating the plastic. HAR HAR!
    Love seeing all the St Patrick's day decorations - hey maybe I should get some of that going here - we have a flag..
    love the yarn bombers - that store has some BIG fan support - cute animals!
    Here in cold Ann Arbor the same old lament snow and cold. yuk. hi to Annie - and why didn't she get her own dog cookie anyway?
    love and kisses, mom

  3. GORGEOUS cookies!!!

    (And gorgeous Annie and Cousin, too:)


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