A visit to California!

Last weekend Brian flew out from Denver for a quick weekend visit. After picking him up at the airport Dan and Brian headed out to Joshua Tree National Park where they camped out for the night and did a lot of hiking.
Dan enjoying Joshua Tree 
Brian trying to find his Spirit Joshua Tree

 The next day after more hiking they headed into Palm Springs for lunch and Dan tried a date shake - I'll have to go back so I can try one - Palm Springs is famous for their date shakes. We had a low key night in with dinner and a movie.

On Sunday after a trip to the Farmer's Market with our friends we headed to the coast. We ate lunch at a restaurant with an ocean view then explored the Laguna Beach tidepools where we saw marine life.
Brian and Dan exploring the Laguna Beach tidepools

Look, Dad, we finally spotted a whale!

Beautiful Laguna coastline
We had a great time visiting with Brian over the weekend and look forward to welcoming more visitors later this spring!


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