Durango Dan and his crew visit SoCal!

This past week Dan, Erin, Ethan,Elliot and Erin's mom Sue and Stepdad Slim were in Anaheim for a little spring break resting and relaxing. On their way from Phoenix to Anaheim last week Dan, Erin, Ethan, and Elliot stopped in Claremont for some time at the park playing frisbee, campus tours, and dinner. We had a great visit!

Elliot exploring the Claremont Playground
The next day Dan and I drove down to Anaheim to have dinner at their place and visit for the evening. On Friday, Cesar Chavez Day, Dan and I had the day off so we met up with the gang in Newport Beach for a whale-watching boat cruise. It was a very windy day so the water was pretty choppy, but luckily nobody in our crew got seasick.

Fellow passenger's hair was completely windblown!
We saw two separate pods of gray whales. One pod had three adult gray whales and the other pod had two adults and a calf. They were popping up out of the water frequently and the one group even displayed a bit of courtship behavior which was fun. It was hard to get photos of them but you can see them below shooting water out of their blowholes:

Gray Whales
On the way back to the boat dock through the harbor our boat was tailed by a playful sealion who was swimming along right off the back in our wake:

Playful Sealion
After our fun boat cruise we had a picnic at the park along the beach before heading down for some fun in the sand.

Elliot and Ethan enjoying a picnic lunch

Ethan playing in the surf

Dan, Erin, Mary, Sue, and Slim lounging on the beach

Elliot was very busy building sand castles in the sand
We had a wonderful visit with everyone and look forward to seeing them again soon in July in Michigan!

Back in Claremont Annie has been enjoying the California wildflowers popping up all over the place.

Annie poses next to the California poppies


  1. Look like lots of fun. Was the water warm enough for swimming or did you have to be a whale to enjoy it?

  2. Isn't it great to live someplace where people are eager to visit?


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