McGRundallnesses Invade Claremont!

Last weekend was a blast as we had the McGRundallnesses visiting with us in Claremont on Saturday and Sunday. After camping in Zion for two nights they drove through Nevada to SoCal and after a snack and kiddie yoga we headed out for a campus tour!
Audrey's Triangle Pose

Audrey and Julian doing the Tree Pose
 To kick off the tour we explored the Pomona farm, said hello to the chickens, investigated the smurf house, and admired the various herbs, fruits, and veggies growing in the garden.

Audrey exiting the Smurf House
 After the farm we strolled through Pomona's campus and Audrey and Julian took their rightful spots in the theater's throne chairs after they had some silly antics on the outdoor theater stage.

Audrey in her Queen Chair

Julian lounging in his King Chair
 We took them to the floating living room at CMC surrounded by a moat. Everyone (except Dan) went inside to explore this unusual floating room:
CMC's floating living room as seen from Above
While we were enjoying Scripps' campus Audrey made friends with a lizard.

Audrey pet this Lizard!
Audrey and Julian were able to spot the gargoyles guarding Scripps' Denison Library. Audrey posed in front of the beautiful Denison Library doors:

Audrey is ready to enroll!
The next day all involved helped my birthday celebration be extra special!


  1. Custom Campus Tours, by Mary L. You are a specialist. But gee, Mary D and I missed seeing the Smurf House. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

    1. Yes! Let's go again. Lots to see in that part of the country.

    2. Yes, come back and see us again - there's lots more to see and do!

  2. How can these babies possibly be so grown up?!?!?!


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