Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to an amazing Mom! My mom knows how to throw a party and celebrate. Memories of childhood birthdays include a surprise party at HVSC for me, a trick 'r' treat party for Dan, Easter birthday celebration for Alex and backyard birthday filled with rover red rover and other lawn games run by big brother Dan for Ellen.

One funny memory my mom tells is of the first birthday party she threw in England. One of the guests kept asking "when are we going to play pass the parcel?". My mother had no idea what this girl was referring to and assumed that she was asking when we would open gifts so she told her "after cake". At the end of the day everyone had enjoyed themselves but this little girl still inquired about "pass the parcel". Well it took Ellen and me attending a few parties of our own to catch on to this party game; a gift is wrapped in lots of layers of wrapping paper and is passed around in a circle to music. When the music stops the person holding the prize takes off a layer of paper. This continues until every layer is removed and the gift is claimed. Our mother quickly incorporated this into her party repertoire because that's the kind of mom she is.

Pass the Parcel; Mary in the plaid dress, Alex in yellow and Ellen in the background wearing awesome 80s pants
 Today she is celebrating at Karmanos with birthday cake, balloons, fake flowers and lots of smiles :-). For her 60th surprise birthday party we played a fun version of win lose or draw here she is below with her drawing of . . .
Mom at 60


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  2. Happy Birthday Kathleen! I love that you tell us which one is you, Mary, as if we wouldn't all know right away. :)

  3. Okay - maybe that is a mouse/pig mutation? A cow? Had she been drinking?

    1. Actually, I didn't mean to be anonymous - I just don't have a profile or whatever set up - Colleen

    2. Good guess Colleen - you're close but no, it isn't a mouse, pig or cow. And yes, I can't deny that there were drinks served at the party.


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