The Main(e) Event

On Sunday afternoon after lunch and our trip to the lighthouse we headed back to the hotel to get party-ready for Alex and Liz's wedding. After a drizzly gray morning the skies opened up around 2 'o'clock and it poured! Would this force the 4 'o'clock ceremony inside? No! Miraculously the storm cleared, the sun came out, and Liz and Alex wed outside in downtown Portland with a view of the Bay in the background. Liz walked down the aisle to Bright Eyes' "First Day of My Life" - she was stunning and elicited cheers from the onlookers at the neighboring bar as she stepped out.

Beautiful Bride Walking Down the Aisle
 Alex's father, Jeffrey Lovit, presided over the ceremony. Alex and Liz's vows were extremely sweet and heartfelt - they brought tears to both my and Dan's eyes.

After a lovely cocktail hour we sat down with Alex's Amherst buddies for a lobster dinner. The crustaceans were outstanding - there were lots of laughs at the table as we cracked them open. We capped off our meals with blueberry crisp.

Lobster Bibs
 Liz's awesome sisters made the delicious (and beautiful) wedding cake and cupcake in a variety of flavors including whoopie pie :-). There was kareoke at the wedding so in keeping with the theme we sang to Liz and Alex "the bride feeds the groom, the bride feeds the groom, high-ho-the-derry-oh, the bride feeds the groom" and the vice versa for when Alex fed Liz. Alex almost jumped the gun in feeding Liz without a choral accompaniment but she wasn't having it!

"No Cake without Singing" says Liz

 There was lots of dancing, singing and merrymaking throughout the evening - what a wonderful end to a fantastic weekend!

Congratulations Liz & Alex


  1. Beautiful bride - they both look radiant- what a lovely wedding!


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