Fireworks, Fiesta, Freedom!

Some people love Christmas, others can't wait for Thanksgiving, a few even call Halloween their favorite holiday, but for me there is one special day that reigns supreme: the Fourth of July!

Since the fourth was on a Tuesday this year and we wanted to get the most bang for our buck we started the celebrations on Saturday with a road trip down to San Diego's Black's Beach and to visit with cousin James at a brewery near his house.

We arrived at Black's beach and settled in for a peaceful lounge on our blanket with our picnic when all of a sudden Dan turned to me and said; "I think there are two women stuck up there on that cliff." I turned to look up at the towering cliffs, and sure enough there were two women waving frantically down to all of us on the beach and yelling for help. By the time I turned back towards the water a beach patrol truck had pulled up 20 yards from our blanket and turned on its flashers and was saying through the mega phone "Stay where you are, help is on the way down!"

This is an extremely popular spot for hang-gliders and within minutes this area was being circled by hang-gliders, other beach goers were crowding our blanket, and the people at the top of the cliff had gathered to watch from above. 

After some tense screams from the one New Jerseyian of "I'm going to die!" and "My feet are slipping!" Dan and I decided to take a stroll along the water to escape the commotion. By the time we returned to our blanket after half an hour of splashing in the surf the women had successfully been rescued.
Above the cave in this cliff is where the two tourists were stuck
As you can see in this article:, one of the women had to be roped up, and pulled out! Yikes! According to the San Diego Patch, lifeguards had to make 283 rescues this year over Fourth of July weekend as the crowds descended on the area beaches.

We followed the paths (and all the rules) and were able to stay out of trouble ourselves. As you can see from the photo below the cliffs are steep and even the paths with stairs were tricky to navigate.

Dan and Mary overlooking Black's Beach
 After our delightful picnic and dip in the Pacific we drove on down to meet cousin James at a local brewery where we shared beverages and pizza as we caught up on one another's adventures. We've decided that we will have to meet in Temecula to visit some vineyards for our next SoCal cousin meetup!

On the morning of the Fourth, I donned my three cornered hat and went for a Freedom 5K run with friends, neighbors, and many community members.

Suzi, Beth, Beth's daughter, and Mary run by Dan on N. Mills Ave
Dan and Annie stayed home from the race to cheer us runners on from the comfort of the front porch. Then she begged Dan to put her three-cornered hat on her so that she could be sufficiently patriotic for the rest of the day's activities.

Annie and Dan getting in a festive mood
 Later that day we invited friends over to view the fireworks that the city puts on in the Pomona track and field area across the street from our house. Beginning around 4:00 pm people began lining up along our street waiting for the gates to open for them to claim the best fireworks viewing spot.

Patriotic People parading down our street
 In preparation for our guests we made many nibbles (and of course a patriotic fruit tart). The fireworks did not disappoint and a good time was had by all!


  1. Wow, interesting Beach excitement. The SoCal life is filled with thrills.

    1. WAIT A MINUTE - the nudie beach??? Hah. Oh boy.


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