Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Just in case you think that all we Livesays do is watch basketball Annie told me that we should write about our day trip this past weekend up to Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Ha Ha Tonka is located on the Lake of the Ozarks and features the ruins of a turn of the 20th century castle built high atop the bluffs by a prominent Kansas City businessman.
Castle Ruins - All that remain after a Devastating Fire

Annie and Dan enjoy Exploring the Ruins
 The park also features natural bridges, sinkholes, a spring, caves and over 15 miles of beautiful hiking trails.

Annie and Dan overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks

Mary and Annie looking down into a Sinkhole
  There were some pretty dramatic bluff views and an intricate boardwalk system on the bluffs that wound down to the water below.

View from the Castle Ruin Bluffs
 We explored a small island that featured a balancing rock, rapids and a cave (Annie was very curious about the cave).
Balancing Rock

Annie Wanted IN the Cave

Mary and Annie Under a Natural Bridge


  1. How wild!! I've never heard of the castle -- gorgeous. I love springtime in that part of the country.

  2. Ha Ha fun times. I love the shot of Annie's little dog booty as she tries to wriggle into the cave!

  3. Wow! 20th century castle ruins. That's interesting. Looks like a beautiful park.


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