Birthday Shenanigans

I had a wonderful birthday and was showered with love and positive energy from all my peeps. To start off the day I received calls from my parents and my mother-in-law who sang to me and Dan even made me breakfast which we enjoyed on the front porch!

At work Madison gave me a wonderful sea-foam green cupcake transporter, a honey beehive and a fancy "diamond" candle!
Mary and Madison at Work
My boss gifted me with gorgeous peach colored potted begonias.
Peach Begonias from the Boss and Tulips from our Garden
Then as a secretary gift he tried to chop off my head with the guillotine axe we'll be using in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure next week.
Happy Secretary's Day!
After work we gathered with friends at Ophelia's where we enjoyed cocktails, nibbles, champagne cocktails on the house and great company!

My friends at Ophelia's also spoiled me with some of my favorite things; juicy pear jelly bellies, Dicecapades, a sleek new purse and a gorgeous loose-leaf tea cup. :-)

Beautiful Ladies out on the Town
After the party we got home just in time to skype with Alex & Aline (aka AliKev) and the McGrundallnesses who were together in Baja, Mexcio.

At home there were flowers in abundance from Dan and Annie:
Cheerful Pink & Purple Flowers

Blue Hydrangea from Annie that was bigger than her head!

Hydrangeas & Pink Flowers from Dan
Thank you all for the well wishes, cards and love. I am one lucky girl! Xoxo


  1. Glad you had a wonderful day, because YOU"RE THE BEST!!


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