Keep Meeting Me in St. Louis

Since moving to Missouri we've grown to love the Loop. After visiting St. Louis this past autumn with my parents and then again this spring with Ray and Kerry (recaps here and here) we knew it was a favorite spot of ours. So when planning a meet up with Alex and Liz we were more than enthusiastic to meet in St. Louie where Alex's brother, David, lives. After arriving at our vacation rental and cooking up dinner off we went, again, to the City Museum.
Alex at the City Museum
 The rooftop wasn't open in March when we were at the museum with the Patton-Allans so we were excited to explore this new area as well as run through the entire space like school children.
We went in this School bus hanging off the side of the Roof

David and I rode the Rooftop Ferris Wheel on top of the City

Giant Preying Mantis Guarding the Slide

David exploring the many rings of the City Museum
 On Saturday we took a 5 hour float trip down the Courtois Stream, the Huzzah Creek and the Meramec River. We had lots of good cheer, some good drinks and sammies to keep us happy. Unfortunately it rained off and on for our entire trip, but we still managed to make river friends, have lots of fun and give plenty of high tens.
Mary and Liz say "Prost!"
On Sunday we enjoyed lunch in the Grove neighborhood followed by drinks at Urban Chestnut Brewery a trip to the St. Louis zoo and a showing of Henry IV in Forest Park.

Jaguar patrolling his territory
On Monday we strolled along the Mississippi waterfront, walked in the shadow of the Arch, ate some grub then went our separate ways.

Gateway to the West


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