That's a Wrap!

After an extremely busy three weeks I am finally done with Shakespeare's Measure for Measure; the box office receipts have been tallied and, shockingly, I survived without losing my head . . .

An Assistant Stage Manager, Maddie, tries to chop my head off
Back at home things are progressing beautifully in our garden. The peonies that I transplanted from the backyard (where they weren't getting nearly enough sun) are growing strong and tall in the front yard. We look forward to seeing what color they bloom!

Peony Tubers have now grown as tall as Annie Banannie
 We had a Rising Sun Redbud planted in our devil strip last December, but sadly due to the (Missouri) harsh winter that we experienced the tree did not survive. Not to fret . . . the city came out, removed the dead tree, and planted a new Kousa Dogwood - we look forward to seeing it grow and blossom next spring

Kousa Dogwood
This past Saturday before my theatre double-header (matinee followed by evening show) I went to the Walnut Street ArtsFest to watch the Springfield Dance Alliance put on a show. The choreography was beautiful.

Kerry and her partner executing a Lift
It's been a busy few weeks and though it's been a blast I am looking forward to having a bit more down time in the coming weeks :-).


  1. Annie is looking at that peeony like she wants to water it.


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