Annie and Friends

Thursday is "A day in the life of Annie" so I'll let her take over now . . .

Thanks Mary. Wittgenstein once wrote that "if a lion could talk, we could not understand him." Yet the great philosopher remained silent on the issue of dogs, and blog posts. So if you're confused about my internet intelligence, then mouse here to have your mind blown.

I thought I would take you on a brief tour of my daily eating routine. Much like the French, I live to eat. In fact, I'm known as a bit of a gourmand in the neighborhood. Consequently, I'm not immune to the hottest fads in the culinary world. Everyone knows that bacon IS IN!!! Now, Daniel Boulud may insist that this is only a recent trend, but everyone knows that dogs founded the bacon craze. Hoping to nosh on some retro tastes, I asked my parents to buy me Beggin' Strips. Turns out that Wittgenstein was on to something. So instead, I'm resigned to kibble. To paraphrase Q-Tip: "Kibble for lunch; kibble for dinner; kibble, kibble, kibble, I'm a paw-lickin' winner." However, I am occasionally allowed to indulge in a bull's dried nether-regions, so it's all good.


  1. Annie, you and Mary or Dan should star in a Beggin' Strips video:

    Just be sure to post your video on the blog for us all to see.

  2. Yikes, looks like Annie is falling into all sorts of hackneyed dog-blogging conventions:,38342/

  3. She sounds like a real Ann Arbor dog. Do they have dog training classes at U of M?

  4. We haven't put her in classes yet Moe! We signed up for a class and we were wait-listed :-(


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