"Finding" our dog . . .

I've wanted a dog my whole life. I dog-sit, I pet strangers' dogs, I drool over puppies and I read dog books all in the name of my canine love.

Dan and I have been discussing adding a dog to our family for a while, so I would often surf the Humane Society of Huron Valley's site looking at dogs seeking for a "forever" home. This past December I was admiring a friend's FaceBook photos of her adorable new pup, Iggy. Rebecca referred me to Petfinder where I could see Iggy's sister Jessy (aka Annie).

I went to the link to check out little Jessy and from the moment I saw her little puppy face, puppy paws and floppy ears I knew I wanted to our home to be her "forever" home . . .

The adoption process has been amazing and the rescue center, Homeward Bound Rescue, does a terrific job.


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