Annie and her Littermates

Annie was in a litter of three that was rescued from a puppy mill in Kentucky. She and the other pups were "accidents" their mother was a Miniature Schnauzer that got impregnated by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel . . . oops!

Puppy mills usually like to only produce pure bred pups to sell in pet shops. So these mutts were of no use to them. That's where Homeward Bound Rescue in Canton, MI came in. Homeward Bound rescued the three puppies.

Our friend, Rebecca Carol, adopted "Louie" aka Iggy Pup and then told us about little "Jessy" aka Annie. Annie was being fostered in Canton with Anne and 3 other puppies! Wow-ee! There were a lot of cute pups running around that house when we first arrived.

Annie was the sweetest though and an amazing mix of my favorite (Cavalier) and Dan's favorite (Schnauzer) breeds - it was fate!

So we took Annie home on December 23rd.


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