Blueberries for Sal

 Mom is visiting Dan, Annie and me from Michigan. I picked her up in Richmond yesterday and we went out to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch then to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It was rainy but when we left the museum the clouds cleared so we were able to explore the outdoor garden.
Mom in front of the VMFA's garden fountain
When we arrived in Williamsburg Annie was SO excited to see Mom - she was running around with her tail wagging at a hundred miles a minute. We had reservations today to go kayaking in Virginia Beach with the dolphins but unfortunately the three of us were the only ones signed up so they canceled the trip. Instead of hanging with the porpoises we decided to go blueberry picking at College Run Farms in Surry, Virginia. To get to the Farm we had to cross the James River on a ferry.

Dan and Mom on the Pocahontas crossing the James

 We had great fun picking blueberries. Mom told Dan the story of Blueberries for Sal while we were picking berries - luckily we didn't run into any bears just lots of berries!

Master berry picker
Momma bear choosing berries

Sal's blueberry pickin' Mom running into a bear
We had great fun gathering berries and walked away with two quarts of delicious fruit to enjoy! After that we decided to reward ourselves with lunch at the Carrot Tree in Yorktown. More adventures to follow :-).

Mom and Dan showing off our bounty


  1. Oh FUN!!! Poor Dan, that he never knew about Blueberries for Sal. Deprived childhood, perhaps? Well good thing MIL can bring him up to speed on childhood literature!

  2. I love that we were on the same page with the Sal reference!!


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