Scherenschnitte in Williamsburg

Back in Williamsburg with Mom we set off to the Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts and Abby Rockefeller Folk Art Museum. We enjoyed exhibits of period costume and accessories, grandfather clocks, furniture and even participated in a craft project. The educators were hosting a Scherenschnitte (German art of paper cutting) activity. Dan, Mom and I had great fun making our own works of art to take home. Dan even made a card of a dog howling in the setting sun for Annie - she loved her card and has it perched a top her crate.

Dan giving Annie her card
Annie loves her card!
 After touring the museum and getting crafty we explored a bit of Colonial Williamsburg by taking a tour of a Tavern that Dan and I had never seen before. Mom's last night in town we treated her out to seafood at Berret's Seafood Restaurant. Sadly they were out of soft shell crab so Mom enjoyed the fresh catch of the day instead. The next day we said our goodbyes and I dropped Mom at the train station. Annie, Dan and I were very sad to see her go - what a great visit we had!

Mary, Mom and Dan at dinner


  1. Four days later I can still feel the buzz and happiness from our week together. You two are the greatest!! xoxo

  2. Annie looks so happy to receive her card!

  3. She was SO happy to receive her card and has been perfecting her own art of squatnschette (as Dan mentioned the other day) :-)

  4. I'm a scherenschnitte artist and my Google is set to send me links to scherenschnitte posts. I must say that "squatnschette" is about the funniest version of the word I've ever come across. I'll have to remember that one. jan

    1. :-) Thanks Jan! Scherenschnitte is so fun and awesome!


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