Battling Homesickness

After returning home from Ann Arbor my running around caught up with me. I was exhausted, worn out and home sick. To help me combat my sadness Dan, Annie and I decided it was time to get a Christmas tree. We piled into the Scion and drove to the Troop 69 run Tree Lot where we picked out a nice, tall Fraser Fir that barely fit in our hatchback
Boy Scouts at Work (Gotta earn that tip!)
Then we took our tree home and Dan and I set to work putting it in some water - but our tree stand couldn't handle a tree of this size - Dan ran off to get us a sturdier tree stand while Annie and I rearranged the living room furniture to make way for our new decor. On Saturday, December 1st we held a tree-trimming party and we shared our Zingerman's cheeses, Toffee Squares, my Grandma's Mushroom Croustades, Egg Nog and more with about 20 neighbors and friends. Annie was on her best behavior and by the end of the night she was curled up next to the Chair of the History Department getting lots of attention and cuddles!

 Dan's final idea to combat my homesickness was to explore Missouri! We drove to Noel, Missouri on the day after our tree-trimming party and mailed out our Christmas cards then later in the week we went South to Branson were we enjoyed dinner and a show; Legends of Kung Fu starring the dancers who performed and opened for the 2008 Bejing Olympics!


  1. Dan is homesickness-battling Hero!

  2. So that's how you ended up in a picture with such glamorous folks!

    The tree looks great and it's fun to hear about your party!


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