Santa Pup

We're in Colorado visiting with Dan's Mom and family for Christmas (we'll also get to see Ellen, Chris and Audrey before they take off for Michigan). Today we had fun playing with Cody. We dressed him up in a Santa suit and sang carols together.
Dan and Santa Pup in Front of the Tree
Cody got his revenge by attacking Dan with a face full of puppy kisses.

Cody Licking Dan
After breakfast we decided to go up to the mountains and explore hippie central; Nederland, Colorado which is infamous for being the home of a frozen corpse brought there in the 80s by a Norwegian guy. We went in to the Carousel of Happiness which is a beautiful hand carved and painted carousel that was 26 years in the making.
Mom Cozying up with a Gorilla

Mary getting friendly with a Peacock

Dan loved this Giraffe
After doing some Christmas shopping in the toy store we grabbed lunch at some train cars that have been converted into an adorable little cafe. We ate our burritos in one of Buffalo Bill's Circus train cars. This car was very old, beautiful and made of wood.
Dan and Mom in front of the Train Car where we Ate


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