Thanksgiving and Pierogi Making

Dan, Annie and I split up for Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving morning Elaine and I ran the Turkey Trot 5K in Springfield.
Elaine and Mary Pre Race
Annie and Dan stayed here in Springfield and spent Thanksgiving weekend with friends, at the Dog Park and doing some Christmas Shopping. I flew home to Ann Arbor, arriving Thanksgiving eve, and spent Thanksgiving at the Dixons with a fabulous meal. 
Post Thanksgiving Meal Walk with Ruth and Mom
On the day after Thanksgiving I drove out to the country to hang with the Cornell families. Andrea, Jason, Jenn and I had a quick workout in the barn and around their property then we got down to business making Jason and Jenn's Grandma's Polish pierogis!

Andrea, aka Rollin'

Rollin' and Jenn, aka Slow Boil Filling Pierogis

Rollin' crimping Pierogis

Jason, aka Crimp Daddy Filling and Crimping Pierogis

Pierogis ready to be added to a Slow Boil
We had so much fun making pierogis and hanging out - Jason, Andrea, Jenn and played softball on the Decepticons together and we have awesome Decepticon jerseys - Jason and I wore ours for Pierogi making.

Darrin and Scarlett showed up after her nap to visit - Scarlett was bundled up as it started snowing lightly.
Darrin and Scarlett Keeping Warm

The Cheez, Scarlett, Slow Boil, Crimp Daddy and Rollin
Don't even bother asking for the recipe because a) it's top secret and b) they didn't give it to me! I traded the Cornell Clan some Dixon cookies for some Cornell pierogis and Ruth has promised to save some for Dan and I in her deep freezer for the next time we're in Michigan . . .


  1. We LOVED having you join us, Cheez. AND, we appreciate you not spilling our secret family recipe on the interwebs for all to see.

    I hope it'll be part of our family tradition to have you pitch in your fun, games and jumping jacks.



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