One of Annie's best dog friends is Samantha, aka  Sam, who lives in Tecumseh, Michigan with Darrin, Jenn, baby Scarlett and Schrodinger the cat. Sam and Annie have had many adventures together. The last time they got to see each other was the last time she was in Michigan for the holidays. We were invited over to their house for dinner and shenanigans and Sam and Annie got a pretty good game of Tug-of-War going.

Sam Letting Annie think she's Got a Chance!
 Sam was adopted through Planned Pethood in Ohio and is a mixed breed. She's a terrific dog who enjoys long walks, snuggling with the baby and sometimes has been known to swallow corn cobs!

Jenn and I have been friends since I began working at ABN AMRO Mortgage Group in 2001. We have had many great adventures including several benefits. Here we are at a Artini Crawl for the Ann Arbor Art Center.

Jenn and Mary at Goodnight Gracie's


  1. Sam's hoping to see Annie again soon - she loves their play time together. Alas, she doesn't have many friends who live nearby and certainly admires Annie's spunk.


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