Livesay Home Tour

This is the living room and dining room (table set for brunch with our realtor, his family and new neighbors):

Breakfast nook featuring garage sale chairs and antique vase:

Master Bedroom:

Parisian Artwork on the walls:

Bedroom view (hello toes!)

The Bathroom featuring Maize n Blue towels :-)

Go Blue bathroom:

View from bathroom back into breakfast nook:

Entry way featuring U of M Football program art and Annie in her garage sale chair:

Annie, the blogging orphan:

The Den and Guestroom (aka Annie's Den):

Fabulous Art Deco dresser from our favorite Antiques store in town, Cricket in the House:

Breakfast nook featuring Eiffel Tower art and retro garage sale chairs:


  1. Great to see your house. You've done a beautiful job of decorating.

  2. You have a GREAT decorator's eye. I love your house and the very neat things you have gotten. Also nice to see the 'good china' on the table. Wowzer!

    1. Thanks Patty - I also have some gorgeous serving pieces (from you and Craig) that did not make it out today but will for the next dinner party :-)

  3. (OH OH - I get it, i finally saw the toes!!) took me three times. Nice pedicure.

  4. Thanks so much for posting the home tour! It is so nice to be able to pictures one's loved ones in their home!

    Beautiful job on your decorating - very talented :)
    Auntie Colleen


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