Tailgating in Ann Arbor

My visit home happened to coincide with the Michigan-Michigan State game. Although I wasn't able to actually watch any of the game due to tailgating and a bus trip to Chicago - I was kept up to date on the action via tex messages from my pal, Becky. Before I had to board the bus to Chicago (to catch the plane to Missouri) Becky and I biked all around town tailgating.

Dad and I awoke early on Saturday and greeted Mom in her room before she had even begun making her rounds of the wing. After a nice visit Dad and I drove back to Ann Arbor to meet Becky, hop on our bikes and start tailgating.

1st Tailgate: Breakfast at 1240
We made our way down Main Street to Hoover then cut through the Baseball and Yost Ice Arena parking lots to drop in on the "Meat On a Stick" tailgate where we did jello shots and said hello to some old friends.

2nd Tailgate: Mary & Janice

Mary with the twins, J & Jeff
We then pedaled South on State Street to the Probility Tailgate where I met Becky's boss and some of their patients and friends. Food highlights here included hot apple cider, noodle salad and a charcuterie tray.

3rd Tailgate: Mary & Becky in the Probility Tent
We then had a long bicycle ride all the way over to Main and Pauline to drop in on the 107one Tailgate where we met up with my Dad, Alex and Ben. Food and beverage highlights included New Belgian beer in addition to the live music by the MacPodz :-).

4th Tailgate: Mary, Dad and Becky enjoying New Belgians at the 107one Tailgate

Dad, Mary, Ben, Becky and Alex
After the Band stopped playing the five of us went next door to the North End Zone tailgate party hosted by Tom Wall. Becky and I ran into an old friend, Kari Wall and I ran into Brandon - the chef from the Grange. Food highlights included salmon, black rice salad, prime rib and a fully stocked bar - did I mention that a law firm was paying to put this tailgate on?

5th Tailgate: The North End Zone
After that we thought we were done, but alas as we were biking towards home we remembered that there was one more tailgate that we were invited to on Berkeley Street near my parents house. We dropped in on this one, made friends with the enemies then called it a day! Music highlights included a dj spinning tunes :-)

It was then time for me to pack up my belongings and head to the Bus Stop where I crashed one last tailgate! hah! I ran into sisters who were cheering for opposite sides of the game.  

7th Tailgate: Sisterly Love
This is Annie's blog so I ought to mention the dogs I ran into at the Probility Tailgate.

Bella, the Golden Retriever Puppy

Dexter the Big Boy


  1. MARY - what fun! Wow, Ann Arbor really knows how to celebrate football!

  2. Another day in the life of Mary! So special!!


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